Matthew And Erson Design
Specialised web agency

A web agency accompanies its clients throughout the many phases of website creation. It intervenes in the selection of the domain name, the choice of the Web design respecting the visual identity of the brand, referencing of the Web site…

The agency with a remarkable experience in the web

The agency with a remarkable
experience in the web

To provide advice and better service, the web agency has a multidisciplinary team: developers, designers, marketers and strategists who are passionate, creative and responsive. The platforms created are efficient, stable and scalable.

Web expertise

Website creation

Website creation

The creation of websites is divided into different phases: choice of design, selection of the CMS, configuration of the web portal, search for the domain name and putting the new site online.

Web design and graphic design

Web design & graphic design

The discipline of web design consists of using graphic elements (photos, typefaces, drawings, etc.) to create a communication or cultural object.

Natural referencing

Natural referencing

To boost a company’s turnover, a company’s website must be well referenced. This operation enables the portal to be positioned at the top of the SERP results.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is used to convert leads, build customer loyalty and close online sales. This practice covers a wide spectrum of content and tactics.

Web and mobile development

The mobile web developer works closely with a web developer. His mission is to program functionalities to be included in the mobile application. The intervention can concern an application developed for a Smartphone or a tablet.

Benchmark of competing strategies

The benchmark includes different strategies: identification of competitors, targeting of themes, evaluation of the best competitor…

Campaign management & monitoring

Campaign management aims to plan, execute, monitor and analyse a marketing operation. It usually concerns a new product or an event.

Creation of Adwords campaigns

The Adwords campaign allows you to take advantage of Google. A list of keywords should be created to serve as guidelines.

Acquiring and retaining your audience

The trick to building audience loyalty, like the case of, is to have a good content strategy. By building audience loyalty, the business owner will be able to attract the attention of Internet users and turn them into customers.

Branding & visual identity

Graphic charter

Graphic charter

The graphic charter is the fundamental support for the internal and external communication of a company.

Logo creation

Logo creation

The logo is often presented as a pictogram. It is part of the visual identity of a company, like

Ux-Ui Design

Ux/Ui Design

User experience and user interface are two often confused notions. UX design makes navigation optimal and fluid.

Community management:
managing your communication
on social networks

The community manager leads and develops discussion groups such as a Facebook fan page, a Google+ page, a Twitter account…